Oceania Travel&Tours

Our friendly and experienced staff is handling bookings, tour and activity programs, flight arrangements or advising on any other needs.

Oceania Travel&Tours is privately owned and has strong links into the traditional Samoan culture and society. Our CULTURAL PPOGRAM invites our guests to our home village of Afega with an unique experience of Samoan everyday life and cultural heritage.

Our comprehensive TOUR PROGRAM covers all islands of Samoa. Expertly  guided individual and group tours will show you the beauty and uniqueness of the Samoan nature and culture alike.   

Oceania Travel&Tours has a subsidiary branch in neighboring American Samoa. Our guests can enjoy our full ground operating service on the island of Tutuila with own tours, rental car and travel agent facilities.

Oceania Travel&Tours provides:  
  • Airport Transfers
  • Individual and Group Tours
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Airlines Booking and Tickets
  • Car Rental
  • Cruise Ship Handling
  • Immigration Service
  • Homestay Program
  • Wedding Packages