Cultural Program

Samoan culture developed over some 3500 years. Our people, customs and traditions are our greatest assets. Our guests enjoy Samoan hospitality In a costal village, ten miles out of Apia.

Samoan Sunday

A Samoan Sunday just the way Samoan families enjoy it, devoted to worship and family. Church is attended in the morning as well as in the afternoon. Before church the umu (Samoan oven) is being prepared. Heated stones at the base, pieces of meat, fish and staple food piled up on the top, everything covered with moistened leaves then. After church, right in time, everything is well cooked and the whole family join in enjoying an abundant meal called too'nai.

Samoan Culture Tour

(Half-Day-Group-Tour, Minimum 10 persons)

Our guests get a close view of the unique Samoan way of life. Cultural demonstrations, including kava preparation and tasting, weaving of mats and baskets, handicrafts, traditional Samoan fire making and earth oven, food preparation and serving are highlights of this tour.